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Stone is a remarkably robust material with lasting appeal which almost certainly justifies the considerable investment made when choosing it as a building material, landscape product or for interior decor. Despite its durability the appearance of stone can suffer if subjected to accidental spillage, staining, improper cleaning methods (or products) and neglect. Happily help is at hand with a wide range of stone care treatments - stone cleaners and stone sealers/stone sealants - specifically designed to maintain and preserve the natural beauty of marble, granite and natural stone.

In an ideal world protecting your stone starts before installation. A good quality stone sealant such as Eco Stone or Eco Toner from Warmsworth Delta Stone can protect stone from potential damage resulting from accidental spillage prior to and during the installation process as well as afterwards.

Cleaning your stone correctly is vitally important because improper cleaning methods and products can actually harm it. Warmsworth Delta Stone stock a number of water and chemical based stone cleaners capable of tackling everything from everyday grime (Stone Clean) to heavy duty soiling (Tergon) as well as specialist stone cleaning products designed to remove spillages of grout and cement (De Graub) and removal of sealant build-up (Solvente Gamma).

Our many years' experience in stone extraction, processing and masonry has led us to recognise that every stone installation can benefit greatly from a pre-determined programme of preventative care and maintenance. Our Fireplace and Worktop Care Kit products are designed for just that purpose, they're high quality, easy to use and environmentally safe when used correctly.


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