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Stone is a remarkably robust material with lasting appeal which almost certainly justifies the considerable investment made when choosing it as a building material, landscape product or for interior decor. Despite its durability the appearance of stone can suffer if subjected to accidental spillage, staining, improper cleaning methods (or products) and neglect. Happily help is at hand with a wide range of stone care treatments specifically designed to maintain and preserve stone's natural appearance and durability.

Warmsworth Delta Stonecare products are designed for just that purpose, they're high quality, easy to use and environmentally safe when used correctly.

Our Italian based research laboratory and manufacturer is constantly improving and expanding the range, therefore there may be other products added to our stocklist in the future.

We currently market and supply the following products (Click on the name to download a detailed datasheet in PDF format):


ECO STONE - an eco-friendly water based anti-stain treatment for polished work surfaces such as marble, granite and natural stone. It protects from moisture and general stains such as oil, grease, mould and mildew.
Coverage: 1 coat - 6-10m2/lt.

ECO TONER - an eco-friendly water based ‘wet-look’ effect oil/water repellent for natural stone surfaces such as tiled walls and floors.
Coverage: 1 coat - 6-10m2/lt.


CLEAN STONE - an eco-friendly water based hygienic detergent designed for routine cleaning of marble. granite, natural stone, terrazzo, ceramic and terracotta.
Dilution: Normal cleaning 1 part Clean Stone to 30 parts water, heavy cleaning 1 part Clean Stone to upto 10 parts water.

DE GRAUB - an acidic based, grout ,cement, lime deposit, efflorescence remover for textured natural stone and ceramic.
Dilution: Normal cleaning dilute De Graub at a ratio of 1/5 with water, heavy cleaning at a ratio of 1/2 with water. For difficult or stubborn areas use the product pure.
Coverage: Indicative coverage applying one coat of the product on most materials is 1- 5m2/lt.

SOLVENTE GAMMA - a solvent based, sealer build-up remover for marble, granite, natural stone and terracotta.

TERGON - an eco-friendly water based heavy-duty detergent ideal for tackling stubborn traffic dirt, grease, algae and surface soils.
Dilution: Light cleaning 1 part Tergon to 15 parts water, normal cleaning 1 part Tergon to 10 parts water, heavy cleaning 1 part Tergon to up to 5 parts water.


KIT MARMO - (no data sheet) a comprehensive maintenance kit for polished marble and granite surfaces in kitchens, food preparation or serving areas. Designed to clean, protect and maintain.
12 kits per box.

KIT CAMINO - (no data sheet) a comprehensive maintenance kit for fireplace surrounds in marble, brick and natural stone. Designed to clean and protect your stone fireplace.
12 kits per box.

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