funSLINGER Games

1. Party Throw and Catch
Two players, or for ”Mr. Popular”, the more the merrier. No rules here! Create your own kind of chaos using lots of missiles.

2. Self Throw & Catch
Even “Billy No Mates” can play! Leaning back when throwing will generate more height than distance, offering the opportunity to catch your own thrown missile! Good luck.

3. In Competition
Two or more players. Invent your own point scoring system for successful throws and/or catches e.g. 10 points for a clean catch and 5 points for catching after a bounce. Lose 5 points for a bad throw and no score for a missed catch. First to 50 wins!

4. Target Practice
See how accurately you can throw! Set up a target, e.g. mark out a bulls-eye on the beach, or select your favourite bather and with your spare funslinger ask them for a date.

5. Tennis Ball
Lost your missile with a crazy throw? Whilst shops are closed, use a tennis or soft foam ball. Works great in restricted areas. Try SPOT against the wall.

6. Distance/Height Record
See how far/ high you can throw! This is an all weather game, gale force winds are there to help! Visit our Facebook page and let us know your personal best, enter your name on the funSLINGER leader board or, better still, film it and post a link!


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