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About New Friends

We are sisters, Sara and Tracey, who through personal experience know that losing a dear friend can leave a huge gap in someone’s life. Life is busy and fast-paced nowadays and family members can miss the signs of loneliness in relatives. Sadly, our mum lost a very close friend recently and overnight that special person who she had shared so many experiences with and had so much fun with, was no longer around. Their lives were filled with everything from golfing to gardening, holidays or even just a heart-to-heart over a cup of tea.

We’ve talked about how many other people must be in this same position and we have decided to do something about it. We are both passionate about helping like-minded people find new friendships and share new experiences together. It is our intention in the near future to look at introducing group get togethers and activities for New Friends.

Introducing New Friends - a new way for people of all ages and gender in Lincolnshire to meet, make friends and enjoy new experiences. We are NOT a dating agency, but we believe that if thousands of people can find a partner through dating agencies, then thousands can also find a companion, a good friend or even a soul-mate.

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