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You can contact the Real Aeroplane Company and Club by any of the following methods:

POST: The Real Aeroplane Company Ltd., The Aerodrome, Breighton, SELBY, North Yorkshire YO8 6DS.

TELEPHONE/FAX: (01757) 289065 or the Club house (01757) 288987 (weekends)

EMAIL: rac-eng(at) (airshow bookings and Real Aeroplane Company business), dav(at) (general enquiries and website information), andyrealaero(at) for Club Membership matters. (Substitute '@' for 'at'.)

Please note that due to the volume of mail we receive on a daily basis, it is simply not possible to reply to every email or letter sent. I can assure you however, that ALL messages and letters are read.

Website © 2008 The Real Aeroplane Company and credited individuals. Information on this website can be used for personal use and to promote the Real Aeroplane Company and Club only; it must not be used for personal gain. Permission to publish images and graphics on the internet or in printed form must be sought from the Real Aeroplane Company AND the contributing photographers. Any published material should then be credited appropriately. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Company or Club.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to, and continues to support, this website. They are, in no specific order: Mike Sweet, Ronald Richardson, Barry 'Bazza' Yeardley, Chris Chambers, Tom Smith, Atsushi "Fred" Fujimori, Tatsuya Yanese, Steve Blee, Trevor Holmes, Dave Marshall, Damien Burke, Chris Mattison, Richard Paver and John Dibbs for all of their superb pictures. Alan Kershaw and Rod Coates for their personal recollections and pictures.


© The Real Aeroplane Company, The Aerodrome, Breighton, SELBY YO8 6DS • Tel: 01757 289065

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