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Designing and building your own home is something that many people aspire to, but very few actually achieve. The whole process is littered with potential pitfalls, particularly where planning consent and building regulations are concerned.

Many people planning to undertake such projects either find the whole process of jumping through hoops to satisfy the various agencies totally disheartening, or they take risky shortcuts and find themselves the unwitting victims of procedural errors.

Getting professional help can often leave you feeling as though the whole project has been taken out of your hands, leaving you feeling well and truely cut out of the loop, it can also cost you a small fortune.

This needn't be the case.

I have the necessary experience to be able to guide you through all stages of the project as slowly or as quickly as you like.

We can meet at your convenience, perhaps at your home, caravan, site or hotel. Simply bring all your work to-date and let’s talk it through. I can be as involved as much or as little as you wish. All it takes is a no-obligation phonecall or email to get things moving.

My name is Peter Yates and I am an award winning designer with over thirty years experience. I have a proven track record in both restoration and conversion including many listed buildings from dove cotes to victorian meeting rooms. I have designed buildings in open countryside and new build inner city estates. So I'm sure that I can help you.

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