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Contact Spectacular Land, check availability and indicate the plot(s) you would like.
Pay an administration fee of £500, this will reserve you plot for 14 days and is deductable from the purchase price. If you are unable to proceed for any reason, this fee is non-refundable. The fee can be paid in cash, cheque, direct bank transfer or credit card. At this point we will require your full name, address and solicitors details, if you are using solicitors (There is no legal requirement for you to do so).
We will send a memorandum of sale to all named parties which will summarize the agreement.
Our solicitor will send a draft contract to you, or to your solicitor, for approval.
When approved a final contract and land transfer form will be sent to you (or your solicitor).
The exchange of the contracts takes place, a 10% deposit will be payable to our solicitors at this time.
You, or your solicitor, pays the completion monies to Spectacular Land on, or before, the completion date in return for the transfer of the freehold title into your name.
Your solicitor registers you as the absolute freehold owner of your plot(s) with HM land registry.

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