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We are a family business based in Lincolnshire specialising in horticulture and forestery. We also have established several vineyards across the UK over the past 15 years.

The pockets of land that we are offering for sale are either set in vineyards, apple orchards, private conservation areas or within woodlands. Many are located in or close to prime areas of outstanding natural beauty. Most of the land has been in our ownership for many years and has been selected for the outstanding merits of the land, for example some have beautiful lake or coastal views, some are adjacent to rivers, one is set beside a navigable estuary, others are situated close to seaside coastal resorts or are set in sleepy countryside with a village pub close at hand and lots of country walks to enjoy.

Please note that all land offered for sale is freehold and is sold as vineyards, orchards, nursery land, forestry or allotment land. Although you may apply to the local authority for planning permission for a change of use, we do not imply that planning permission would be granted.

There are a number of things you might like to consider when deciding what to do with your land. Where the plot is located on a vineyard for instance, you might choose to maintain existing vines or plant new vines – vineyard shares are very popular on the continent. You might consider growing your own food or making wine, or simply enjoy owning your very own small part of the English countryside.


You may wish to use your land for the purpose of growing fruit or vegetables or even keeping hens for egg production.The benefits of eating self grown produce are well documented and in a lovely environment, it is guaranteed to give hours of pleasure to all the family.

Within this brochure we have tried to anticipate a range of questions and provided the answer to the best of our ability. In considering the answers, we have taken advice from our agricultural planning adviser, our Town and Country Planning adviser and in some cases, a leading planning barrister. Additionally we have highlighted a selection of legal test cases for informative purposes.

All advice is however provided in good faith and we believe to be correct at the time of writing. Individuals should not rely solely on any statements made within this brochure, as the information is intended for guidance only.

The Countryside Code, which applies in England and Wales, makes it clear what the responsibilities are for members of the general public visiting the countryside.

Visit the Countryside Code website HERE